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Renovations to Fon du Lac Golf Course

The Park District wants your input.  Please take the time to answer our 7 question survey to help the Park District better understand our community’s interest. Below is a letter from the Park District Director explaining why the  District is exploring this option.

Letter from Mike Johnson, Park District Director

January 22nd, 2020

To:  Residents of East Peoria

Reference:   Closing Fon du Lac Golf Course & Converting to Multi-Use Recreational Park

In order to keep the Fon du Lac Park District fiscally responsible and provide the best services to our community, we continue to evaluate which of our facilities are being used and which facilities are operating at a deficit.  We also understand that the needs of our community change and we, as a Park District, must adapt to insure we continue to provide the best and diverse services we can for East Peoria.

Over the last several years, our attendance at the Fon du Lac Golf Course has continued to decline to the point that on an average, we are losing $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 dollars each year.  In order to keep this facility open, we must move funds from the general fund which in turn, reduces the funds available for our other parks and facilities.

With that in mind, the Park District is considering closing the Fon du Lac Golf Course and converting the area into a Multi-Use Park which would offer more activities for all ages of the community. Our plan would be to accommodate the residents who utilize the FDL Golf course at our 18-hole Quail Meadows Golf Course.

This proposal includes adding 2-soccer fields, parking lot expansion, an asphalt walking trail with exercise stations, a splash pad, accessible playground equipment, shelters and potentially a swimming pool.  A portion of the golf course would be maintained for individuals who still want to practice their golf game at no cost.  The existing club house could also be used to support special events within this park.

Funding for this Multi-Use Facility, could come through alternate revenue bonds as well as trail and playground grants.  East Peoria resident’s taxes would remain the same.  The funds to support Phase 1 and 2 would come through the existing funds we levy for each year.  If the citizens of East Peoria truly want a community pool, the funding would have to come from a referendum which would require a vote by the citizens of East Peoria.

The Park District would also like to add Splash Pads to other Parks throughout the city.  These Splash Pads could be phased in over several years and provide water attractions to other neighborhoods not close to the proposed Park on Springfield Rd.

If you are a resident of East Peoria, we want your input.  Please take the short survey at the top of this page.  Taking this survey will help the Park District better understand the community’s interest.

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