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Titanium Force Cheerleading

Why should I Join Titanium Force Cheerleading?

  • Central Location for all of the Greater Peoria Area athletes and families.
  • Conveniently located near the popular Levy District with shops, dining and activities.
  • Aligned with the Jon Williams Tumbling Program.
  • Highly Experienced and Successful All-Star Cheer Staff.
  • Part of the well established Fon du Lac Park District.

Important Dates to Remember
Choreography Skill Camp June 13-16. Teams will be scheduled on specific days.  Each Teams’ camp times will be posted before first practice.

  • June 26 – July 9: Summer Break
  • August 25 – 28: Routine Choreography Camp (schedule TBA)
  • September 16: Pumpkin Festival Parade
  • September 30: Picture Day (tentative)
  • October 28: Team Showcase

Dates Gym is Closed: 2017-18 Season

  • September 4: Labor Day
  • November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 22  – Jan 2: Winter Break
  • April 1: Easter

Moving forward into the season, we will be adding additional dates for events such as team outings, gym outings, clinics, charitable events, and fundraisers. These dates as well as the above dates will be finalized no later than August 1, 2017 and may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Due at Registration, please turn in the Registration Packet (located in your folder), with copy of the athlete’s birth certificate.  Athletes will not be able to attend their first practice until all items have been received.

Programs Offered
Titanium Force offers several types of team programs to meet the needs of families and athletes.  Team programs vary in the amount of time and financial commitment, travel to competitions, and whether particular skills are required to make the team.

Competitive All-Star Cheer Divisions

Team sizes and divisions change from year to year.  Each new season, the number of Titanium Force Cheer teams will depend on the number of athletes at evaluations.  Titanium Force Cheer follows the United States All Star Federation (USASF) age and skill level guidelines to form competitive teams.  An athlete’s age on August 31st of the tryout year will determine their “competition age” level for their participation for the season.

The Current USASF Age Divisions are as follows:

  • Tiny: 5-6
  • Mini: 5-8
  • Youth: 6-11
  • Junior: 8-14
  • Senior Levels 1-4: Ages 11+
  • Senior 5: 12-18

Please bring a copy of your birth certificate and ID for Titanium Force Cheer to have on file.

USASF Divisions and Skill Levels 1 – 5
There are multiple skill levels within each age division, which allows programs to have more than one team per age range if necessary.  The levels are numbered 1 through 5 (through high school age) and increase in difficulty as the numbers go up. These 5 difficulty levels refer to the type of stunts, pyramids, and tumbling a team can safely perform.  The level is determined solely by the coaching staff.  Divisions are also divided into small and large teams.  Small teams compete with 5-20 members and large teams may compete with 21-32 members.

Tumbling Guide Used for Team Placements

Team Placements
We encourage athletes to try to perfect their skills in each age range and help us to build the strongest teams possible, instead of just striving to reach the next higher level team.  The more time a team has to work together, the better.  Titanium Force Cheer has the right to move an athlete to a team where they will be best suited.  If the staff feels a child is losing skills they demonstrated during evaluations, or if a child has gained new skills very quickly, coaches may move them to a position or a team that better showcases their current skills.  Also, if the coach feels like someone will fit better on a different team once they start working together, they may move that athlete as well.  The coaching staff will take a good look at this before choreography camp and make changes if necessary.  Everyone is on a specific team for a reason.  PLEASE TRUST YOUR COACHES to do their jobs, as they have the best interests of the team in mind with each and every decision.

Absences & Attendance Policy
Attendance is critical to the success of the teams.  Athletes and parents will be provided a competition schedule and monthly calendars with the important dates about the season.  Practices may be added or canceled at the coach’s discretion.  Tuition does not depend on the number or length of practices in a month.  Athletes are expected to attend all practices, arrive early and stay for the full practice unless the absence has been pre-approved by a coach or an emergency (emergency room visit, death in the family, etc.) arises.

Summer Absences:
Team members are allowed 3 absences for the summer.  Please plan your vacations, and camps accordingly.  Tuition will NOT be prorated due to a team member’s absence.  Tuition is only prorated when there is a medical leave of absence.  It is also important to note the competitive and performance cheer programs’ summer break will be June 26 – July 9, 2017.  Please see “Attendance and Performance” policy.

Season Absences:
Team members are allowed 5 absences for the time period August 13, 2017 – April 30, 2018. School conflicts must be provided in writing and given to the coaches in at least 24 hours in advance.  No practice can be missed 1 week prior to any competition.  This could result in replacement for that competition and may result in dismissal.


Consequences of Exceeding missed practices:

  • 1st Warning =  4 unexcused absences
  • 2nd Warning =  5 unexcused absences
  • Removal from team = 6 unexcused absence


Excused Absences

  • Death in Family
  • Signed doctor’s note
  • Graded School Events
  • Contagious Illness
  • Prearrange absences approved by the Cheer Director


Correspondence for Absences
All athletes must email or send a text message in advance to your coach if they plan to be absent. A substitute is required if time allows you to get one.  Substitute athletes must be in the same position and/or role and similar in skills and size.  Please see your coaches for substitute recommendations.


Participation in Other Activities:
While a member of the team, athletes may participate in other activities.  However, Titanium Force Cheer must remain a priority and there must be communication with team coaches about any conflicts.  If the other coach/advisor is not willing to compromise, you may have to make a choice. Practices cannot be missed on a regular basis and competitions are mandatory.  Titanium Force Cheer feels everyone needs to keep the best interest of their team and team members in mind at all times.

Please refer to the Parent Code Agreement and the Athlete Code of Conduct for Titanium Force Cheer for additional information.


Team Communication:
One of our fundamental values at Titanium Force Cheer is to create an atmosphere where all members of the gym, including parents and athletes, feel valued. To accomplish this, we intend to communicate openly and honestly with you at all times. Our primary communication method will be through team Facebook pages specific to your team and primary email. Please make sure your email address on file is current.

Coaches will be using these pages to provide updates on team progress and share practice and competition details. We ask that you use Facebook team pages for positive communication. All other feedback should be delivered face-to face, e-mail or by phone.  (see our 24 Hour Policy).

Feel free to talk to your coaches about your questions or concerns related to your child’s progress.  We want to make sure the lines of communication are open at all times. Please keep in mind, however, the coaches do not work around the clock. They are dedicated to the gym and their teams, but they also must balance their family and other commitments outside of cheerleading as well.  Feel free to send them an e-mail to schedule a time that will work well for both of you.

Fon du Lac Park District Administration Center
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